"In a two month period Universal Scan allowed my factory to debug and recover 49 transceivers at a cost of ~ $200 a unit ($9,800).  In the same time period, it helped us troubleshoot 13 printed circuit board (PCB) failures resulting in improved product from our PCB vendors.


Universal scan allowed us to quickly develop and test our design completely free of charge (under their 15 day evaluation license).  The cost of the software was a bargain when you compare it to our other test tools which don't provide the capabilities for the low level debugging required for finding where a data line is open. 


Universal Scan support has been EXCELLENT and is included with low Universal Scan price.  They have helped out on numerous occasions to debug our hardware or point out possible problems on different vendors JTAG interfaces (see the detailed errata on their website). 


Overall I am extremely pleased with this product. Thank you Universal Scan!

-Vincent Reinhardt, Motorola

The Universal Scan tool has been very valuable to the success of our project. Everyone is impressed with how much it improves on trying to get to the pins with a logic analyzer or scope. We got our chip working in record time. 

This is the first time I have seen such a simple, yet powerful tool. No crashes, no hang-ups � just perfect and simple. It solved our need to observe the chip so well, that we could rely on just this software to test so many parts of our system.

� Ramaiyer Ramesh, Brightscale Inc.

"Universal Scan has helped me to speed up my design a great deal. With its Flash Programming function I could program my FPGA board�s PROM again and again conveniently. During debugging process I quickly resolved many design�s glitches by being able to verify the PROM with the input data file for consistency and to view the content of the PROM at any address. Throughout my initial confusions, Universal Scan gave me extensive valuable technical support not only on the software but also on my design�s platform as well. Thanks Universal Scan."

 - Cuong Trinh, San Jose State University

"We have been very pleased with the cost and performance of your product.  It is helping us make the transition to BGA package; design, development and troubleshooting a lot less traumatic that it could have been.  My next product development and test plan features these tools as a central part of making a complex design producible and maintainable." 
--  Paul Fish, Talon Instruments.

"OUTSTANDING PRODUCT!!!  I'm having a blast with your software and hardware.  I've learned more about boundary scan in the couple days I've had your product than I have digging through the crap on the web and literature from other vendors.  Thanks much!  This was money well spent for a change. Someone did a heck of a job with this software and the overall package "
--  Ron Brunell, Boeing Flight Test, Data Systems Service Lab

"I wanted to give you some feedback about your company's product and support. I was tasked with evaluating JTAG test capability at Thales Computers in Raleigh, NC. We are an R&D company specializing in providing VME and SBC solutions for harsh and rugged applications. Your Universal Scan system provided the best price/performance solution and greatly enhanced our ability to diagnose BGA installation and rework. In a  short period of time I was able to provide our manufacturing group a test that clearly identifies the address, data and control signals of an MPC860 processor. I would also like to thank you for the outstanding support you have provided. Your expertise with BSDL files has been an invaluable resource which we now count on. Thanks again for offering this excellent product."
-- John Guerriero, Software Engineer, Thales Computers

"The Universal Scan's user interface was easy to learn and operate. This powerful tool allowed us to quickly debug board layouts and execute some interesting JTAG scripts (EXTEST test vectors) on our CPLD boundary scan cells."

"We used the Universal Scan in a slightly unconventional manner and simplified a complex task in the process. We needed to use the boundary scan cells of our CPLD to program an adjacent flash memory. Using Universal Scan GUI, we configured the cells driving the buses and strobes. Then we recorded a few cycles. These recorded scripts were then modified such that an entire Bootloader program was transferred from Universal Scan scripts (EXTEST test vectors) via JTAG and the CPLD boundary scan cells into the flash. The Universal Scan was an essential tool in this process"

- Erik Rogind, Rogind Electronic Services,www.rogind.com

"I think you probably already know many of the strong points of the tool, however, I will relay some of my positive experiences.

1- Easy setup and quick to get going right out of the box.  If you have a basic understanding of boundary scan and what it can do for you, then you're up and running very quickly.

2- Quick setup for a new device.  The user interface allows very quick setup for a new device.

3- Great support.  I've been very, very pleased with the support that you've provided." 

-- Kevin Kay, ESP/ANTEC

"We had many problems with BGA parts not soldered on the boards.  As you know, you can't probe BGA's except through vias and many times they're not accessible on the boards I design.  We are building very small, dense boards with large BGA's.  Universal Scan allows me set up a regression test that I can use to quickly run on the board which gives me pretty good assurance that the parts are placed properly.  I have spent as much as two weeks troubleshooting a board only to find that the parts aren't soldered down properly.  Now in ten minutes I can tell if the manufacturing portion was done properly.  The tool paid for itself on the first board I used it on."
-- Sam Goodwin, Movaz Networks, Inc

"Thanks very much for your assistance. I am happily playing with the Universal Scan Tool. I may be calling on you again when I check out some more of our boards.

You have provided excellent and timely service."

-- Guy Pacquet, Chrysalis-ITS
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