4/29/08   News Release:  Universal Scan 9.4 released!
Users have been asking for it, so here it is: Universal Scan now supports the XILINX PLATFORM USB CABLE!  We have also added the Analog Devices HPUSB-ICE USB cable in version 9.4!
10/09/07   News Release:  Universal Scan 9.3 released!
Universal Scan now supports the Amontec JTAGKey and Spectrum Digital XDS510 USB Plus Cables. The Amontec JTAGKey is an inexpensive download cable that speeds up Flash programming by up to 20x!  The Spectrum Digital pod is ideal for scanning TI Processors that require special handling of the EMU pins.
2/01/07   News Release:  Universal Scan 9.2 released!
Universal Scan now supports the ALTERA USB Cable and has added an easy duplicate function for switches, LEDs and Objects..
8/17/06   News Release:  Universal Scan 9.1 released!
1/30/06   News Release:  Universal Scan 9.0 released! - Universal Scan now supports Digilent USB Cable
Universal Scan now supports the Digilent Inc USB JTAG cable - a low cost alternative for the budget minded.  Flash Programming has also been updated.
1/17/06   News Release:  Ricreations awarded key IEEE 1149.1 patent related to its Universal Scan boundary scan test product.
Ricreations, Inc, the technology leader in low-level manual scan-based, debug and test solutions, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark office has awarded the company a patent for its IEEE 1149.1 based test technology. The patent is a broad patent in the area of using boundary scan for low level real-time debug and test. The patent is U.S. Patent number 6988229 entitled "Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling boundary scan enabled devices.�  <more>
7/26/05   News Release:  Universal Scan 8.0 released! - Ricreations adds JTAG SPI Flash Memory Programming Tool to Universal Scan JTAG Toolset
SPI Flash Programming just got a much needed boost - now you can program SPI Flash memories from any FPGA, CPLD, processor, or any part with a JTAG port. You just setup up the programmer, select a data file and hit PROGRAM - it couldn't be any easier.  You don't need any net-lists, test fixtures, test vectors, test executives, or anything else normally associated with programming parts via Boundary Scan. This version also contains a new Multi-Button that allows users to control multiple pins with a single click (you can now enable an entire bus with a single click!) Download the Free trial and try it today!
5/15/05   News Release:  USB Version of Universal Scan now available.
Ricreations has joined teams with Macraigor Systems to produce a USB version of Universal Scan called J-Scan. J-Scan uses the Macraigor USB download cable to make JTAG access even easier to use and to increase the speed of the JTAG operations, especially for Flash Programming. See www.J-Scan.com for more info. Current users of Universal Scan that are under maintenance can upgrade the software for FREE.  The USB Pod (USBDemon) can be purchased from Macraigor Systems.
4/15/04   News Release: Universal Scan 7.0: Ricreations adds JTAG Flash Memory Programming Tool to the Universal Scan JTAG Suite.
Flash programming via JTAG has never been so easy - just tell Universal Scan how the Flash Device Pins are connected to the JTAG chain, select your data file, and hit program!  This is a FREE upgrade to currently registered users and is provided at no additional cost to new users! <more>
12/01/03   News Release: Seodu Inchip to Provide Universal Scan JTAG tool in Korea

Seoul, Korea, December 1, 2003 � Seodu Inchip announced it is now offering the Universal Scan JTAG debug tool to customers in Korea. Universal Scan provides designers and technicians with a unique new way to debug prototype circuit cards -- especially those with BGAs -- that is quick, easy and inexpensive via the JTAG port on their devices. This in turn means quicker debug cycles and faster time to market for products.  <more>

10/20/03   Universal Scan 6.0 Released: Ricreations releases new JTAG Software for Boundary Scan Testing of Printed Circuit Boards.
Adds support for jtag cables/pods from Xilinx, Altera and Lattice for improved performance and testing of lower voltage boundary scan devices. New Package Builder feature allows for design and building of custom device pacakges. QFPs, PLCCs, BGAs, and SOICs of any shape or size are now supported.
  News Release: Avnet Cilicon to Provide Universal Scan Technology via the Avnet Avenue Partners Program
"...tremendous value to Avnet customers seeking a quick, easy and inexpensive debug solution," said Warren Miller, vice president of marketing, Avnet Design Services. "Universal Scan is particularly attractive to Avnet because of its multi-manufacturer compatibility. Universal Scan works with all components that have a JTAG interface...."
  Universal Scan 5.0 Released 
11/26/02   News Release: Ricreations joins forces with Flynn Systems to provide a full suite of reduced cost JTAG Boundary Scan tools
"In an alliance formed to make JTAG testing more affordable to mainstream test and design engineers, Ricreations, Inc and Flynn Systems have announced a cooperative marketing agreement to jointly promote their Universal Scan and onTAP® JTAG Boundary Scan test software packages..."
  Universal Scan 4.0 Released
  Universal Scan 3.1 Released
  Patent Pending

News Release: Insight named as Distributor for Universal Scan Boundary Scan Test Products
"We are very pleased to offer engineers this effective, low-cost means of debugging circuits, performing non-destructive continuity testing and validating boundary scan chain integrity, independent of the existing design tools," said Jim Beneke, Insight Electronics technical marketing director. "Although we are focused on providing this tool to our Xilinx customers, it can be used for any device with an industry standard JTAG port to expedite the development and evaluation of complex designs...."


  Universal Scan 3.0 Released
  IEEE ITMSW Invited Paper: New boundary scan paradigm provides virtual access to circuit boards for real-time manual fault diagnosis and stimulus generation.
  Universal Scan 2.0 Released

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